Meet Tor-Ulf, the unicorn-dragon!

He is a proud, rare creature with egocentric tendencies and a big heart.

This is where he appeared in my blog for the first time and here you find all the posts he is featured in some way or another.
(Tor-Ulf suggested that I should provide you guys with these links so that “your readers can find the actually interesting stuff on your blog more easily.”)


Some facts about him:

  • He can change colour, but prefer not to add chameleon to his title since Tor-Ulf the chameleon-unicorn-dragon sounds lame.
  • Sometimes he gets the mail for me.
  • He is secretly a fan of Daenerys Targaryen. (But he hasn’t read the books, so no spoilers please!)
  • He is ticklish under his chin. But he would probably bite your head off before you could try.
  • His favourite meals are little kids and sprinkled cupcakes. Since cupcakes is the more ethically correct option I try to keep him on a sweet diet, and this is probably why he has gained some weight recently. He does actually not mind much because:
    1.) He thinks that a big unicorn-dragon is a majestic unicorn-dragon.
    2.) He really likes cupcakes.


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  1. I wish I was a unicorn-dragon… I agree with Tor-Ulf that bigger is better, especially for unicorn-dragons! Have you seen The Flight of Dragons? Its an old 80s animated movie about a magic quest. Its one of my favourite movies! And of course there’s dragons in it! YAY!

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