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So apart from playing The Secret World I have put together some small pieces of mail this weekend:

till Sarah K CanadaA mail art envelope heading to Sarah in Canada. I love these fairytale book illustrations :)

to deniseHere’s a nonsensical postcard that will be travelling to Denise in the US.

to ericaA letter to Erica in Finland, in another fairytale themed envelope :)

to MoPAnd here’s an envelope going to my dear parents.


Easter mail and stamps


Hallvi_picture117I have been a bit absent from letter writing and blogging lately. Mostly because I work full time. But maybe the fact that I have taken up the mmorpg The Secret World again has something to do with it too. (Time flies by so quickly when you kick monster ass.)

from AnnyI have however received some lovely mail lately that I’d like to show you guys. This was a super nice surprise from my dear friend Anny here in Sweden. We used to study art history together before I moved here. She sent me a belated birthday envelope full with stamps! :O :D And cute envelopes! And a beautiful card. Thank you so much, this was awesome!

from DeniseMy dear friend Denise in the US sent me a package too! I forgot to show the items off in the photo, but she sent me starbursts (yum!), an amazing letter opener (works like magic!) and glitter tape <3 Thank you dear friend!

from julieJulie from the US sent me this absolutely gorgeous envelope with an absolutely fantastic letter! (As always! I don’t know how she does it!) Even my boyfriend had to comment on this envelope’s prettiness ;D

from mopI and Thomas got a easter package each from my dear parents, full with candy! :D The yellow blobs are chickens.. xD I also got stamps in my package! They know I can never have too many of those <3

from Rossi usAnd lastly I received this beautiful envelope full with paper goodies from a nice Swap-Bot member who wanted to do a private swap with me :)



I have been a bit absent from writing letters and blogging lately, and I partly blame this:

Hallvi_picture819The Secret World –  awesome horror/mystery/Lovecraftian mmorpg. I am utterly absorbed.

I have however received two lovely letters I want to show you guys :)

deniseDenise sent me a letter and some über cute stickers! Thank you so much dear Denise!
It is amazing how you spoil me eventhough you have a crazy busy life to attend to at the moment. Love and hugs from me!

JenniferI also got this cool archaeology themed envelope (with letter ;) from Jennifer in Germany!  And it has a church stamp! So many boxes are ticked :D

Even though I have been lazy when it comes to writing letters lately I did somehow manage to run out of stamps. But fear not, I have stocked up! I want to have everything I need when the writing inspiration hits again. I may or may not be waiting for gel pens ordered from ebay as well. . .

stampsTwo of these designs are brand new: the flowers and the animal babies! (adorable!) And I had to order more of the good old cookie stamps because, well. Cookies.




Summer holidays


So all my classes are finished, I got a good overall grade for the semester, and I have no job to spend my days on. How to entertain myself during these 10 weeks of total freedom?

hurtsFirst of all we had the whole moving two blocks to a better apartment project. We are almost all packed up now, and we even got room for some new furniture. This wonderful little drawer thing from IKEA for example! I store my paper scraps, stamps, stickers and tapes in it (and other stuff :). Love it!

I also try to catch up on my mail. It is a slow progress, but I’m getting there. Even though I am behind on my mail I still get some loveliness in my mailbox:

20130710_13374320130710_133752The two postcards I got in a swap with Linda. Steam Age and Orient Express. They’re awesome!

joanaA thick beautiful envelope from Joana in Portugal. Nothing is better than a long letter to read on a rainy summer day :)

rutorI also keep myself busy crocheting granny squares for a quilt or two. I just can’t stay away from those brightly coloured yarns!

Hallvi_picture118And yeah, I play way too much The Secret World. I also recently installed The Sims 3 again, so I can escape the warm sunny weather all days with computer gaming if I feel like it (and I do).

a storm of swordsLast but not least I love summer holidays for the simple reason that I finally have time to read again! Yesterday I finished A Clash of Kings, and today I’m starting on this one.

In the midst of this productiveness I’m also planning a trip to visit my family and friends.
How do you guys plan to make the most of your summer holidays/leave?