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Drink 3 glasses of milk daily


Julie McLThe title of the blog post is from this fun envelop that I received from my dear friend Julie M in USA. I have yet to reply to this letter, but I will soon :)

Naoko naoko2These to gorgeous envelopes are form Naoko in Japan. I especially like the second one that has som sort of shiny fibers in it. I have no clue what it is, but it’s pretty! :)

SaccoThis lovely autumn postcard was sent to me from Sacco in Japan.

YukariAnd this letter is from Yukari, also in Japan.

Mushrooms and mail


CeciliaThis envelope had a piece of nonsense in it, and I sent it to my BFF Cecilia here in Sweden.

KatrinThis is a reply to one of the letters Katrin from Germany has sent me.

Naoko naoko2These two letters were for my friend Naoko in Japan.

I noticed as I uploaded these pictures that I have used the mushroom stamps for three of the envelopes. I really love these stamps that were released last autumn! I hope they will come up with something pretty again soon, because I think the last few stamp designs have been really boring. Just wanted to file that complaint in this not very official forum.

Happy New Year!


2016! New year, new possibilities. Looking back on 2015 I must say I’ve been a pretty shitty (pardon) penpal during the last year, and now I will make it my goal to change that for 2016. 2015 was very busy for me, and maybe 2016 will be too, but with some good strategies my penpalling might still work out. I might for example ask a few of my penpals if they’re alright with writing shorter letters. Better than no letter, right? So anyway, I’ve spent a couple of days writing replies to a few of the letters in my pile this weekend. I still have a lot of letters left to reply to, but I will get there soon (I hope :)

Since I haven’t been writing much I have also neglected my blog. Seriously, last entry is October 10? Hehe… Oops. Well, hopefully I’ll keep this place a bit more busy once I get back into my letter writing shoes. Not literally. I don’t have shoes like that. Sorry.

Without further ado – incoming mail:

FridaA super cool 3D dinosaur postcard from Frida from our neighbouring country Norway!

Katrin Katrin2These two envelopes are form my very good friend Katrin from Germany.

Toshiko 2 ToshikoToshiko in Japan sent me a letter and Christmas mail :)




Jackalope delivery


Toshiko JPfrom Toshiko JapanThese pretty envelopes are from Toshiko in Japan :)

Julie TP
And this adorable thing is from Julie in Canada. 

Another Julie, in the USA this time, sent me this awesome Jackalope post card :)

Katy UK
Katy in the UK sent me a summery envelope.