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LinCon 2015


I haven’t blogged in over two weeks, mostly due to my thesis writing that soon is coming to an end. But I have also spent four days on a game convention in my old home town. You can read about the convention here (Swedish). We try to go there every year because of the awesomeness of doing nothing but playing tabletop games for a few days! :) This year I played 17 games, most of which I had never tried before. I thought I’d show some of them here:

Kingsport FestivalKingsport Festival. A H. P. Lovecraftian game where you play as cultists who worship Ancient Ones. I really liked this! (But it’s not as awesome as my favorite game Arkham Horror). And it’s pretty too :)

greedy kingdomsGreedy Kingdoms. This was possibly my favourite game that I tried during this convention! It’s a Japanese game for two players where you try to prevent the opposite player’s moves by guessing what cards he/she will play. Super fun! But apparently out of print and hard to get. Otherwise we’d buy it!

meleeMelee. A “nasty, brutish and short” strategy game for 2-4 players. It has different game boards depending on the number of players, which meant that it worked really well on only two players! Usually I find that games for 2-4 players are best for 3-4, even if they kind of work for only 2. The boyfriend and I decided to buy this to have a good two-player game at home :)

shadows over camelotShadows over Camelot. Cooperative game where you have to solve quests to win. You can also play with a traitor in the group, which makes things trickier.

TikalTikal. And ‘archaeology’ game where you have to plunder as much as possible to win :) We didn’t have time to finish our game, but I liked it.

sheep & thiefSheep and Thief. Another Japanese game. I was not a big fan of it, mostly because of the flimsy game boards, but it’s kind of cute with the little white balls representing sheep :) The rules are super easy and would work well to play with kids.

game auctionApart from all the piles of games you could try out on the convention there were also shops, and the annual game auction! 350 objects were sold in about 2 hours, and on the tables in the background you can see some of the games that went up for sale. Super fun!

call of cthuluWe also managed to cram in some roleplaying with our favourite Game Master and friend Tom! :D He arranged roleplaying sessions  for the convention visitors, and we decided that we needed to play his Call of Cthulu scenario for old times’ sake. Some of us survived an attack of Mi-Gos, while others died heroic deaths involving dynamite and hysteria.

spelAnd this is my and my boyfriend’s combined pile of new additions to our game collection! Some were bought at the auction, a couple of (mail themed! :O) games were given to me by super generous friends, and others were bought in the convention’s shops :) I look forward to the upcoming game nights!


Tabletop weekend


This weekend my little brother visited me, and he, my boyfriend and I played some tabletop games. Some of them I haven’t played in a long time so it was fun to try them again :) Under the images you can find links to the games on boardgamegeek.

carcassonne ark of the covenantCarcassonne: Ark of the Covenant. It’s basically like normal Carcassonne but takes place in a desert and has some special rules. I like that you collect sheep instead of cities in your fields :) If you haven’t tried Carcassonne at all I recommend it! Perfect for all ages, and it’s super fun. 

drakonThis is Drakon (third edition). I hadn’t played this in a long time, and was pleasantly surprised at how fun it was! It has easy rules and a dragon! A dragon that will eat you if you can’t find 10 coins and get out of its dungeon before your friends :)

scrappersScrappers. This is my boyfriend’s game and I had never tried it before. You win if you can assemble a machine before the other players, but the parts you need are on a conveyor belt and you have to plan your moves to get to them. 

spankthemonkeyThen we played the Swedish Spank the Monkey with the Monkey Business expansion pack. There’s both a Swedish edition and an English one, and it’s a really fun game! You’re working in a junk yard, and have to get rid of an annoying monkey playing around among the garbage. To win the game you have to build a tower of junk and garbage to reach the monkey and spank him! (Did you assume that the game’s title referred to any other activity?! No, I didn’t think so).


I’ve bought a couple of larger boardgames lately, and decided to paint the miniatures for more fun and win. (Gray plastic miniatures = no fun and win at all!)
I have never painted a miniature before, so I was a bit nervous about it. What if I fail and ruin my expensive games? But I decided that whatever I did it would probably look better than before anyway.

So here are some of my first ever painted miniatures, from the game Mansions of Madness:
(Some of you are probably familiar with the H.P. Lovecraft mythos which Mansions of Madness is based on it.)

IMG_20150412_163219Here are some Chthonians.

IMG_20150413_220302In the front is a Mi-Go ripping the brain out of a head. Behind it are some zombies and witches.

IMG_20150414_030827This cute little critter is a Shoggoth.

My dear sister-in-law gave me an expansion pack to Mansions of Madness for my birthday! So sweet of her! <3 It’s called Forbidden Alchemy, and is partly based on Lovecraft’s Herbert West stories. I look forward to paint these figures and start playing, but the weather is too crappy at the moment so I can’t spray them with primer before the rain and wind decides to go away.
from Cathrin and Christoffer

Have you played any fun games lately? I’m always up for some recommendations!


Tintyped ladies


Do you remember when I started a tintype collecton? That was some time ago now, but I’ve have just recently bought a couple of new additions! I am now a proud owner of a total of FIVE tintypes. Impressive, I know ;)

20140710_181345This woman is so pretty! And look at those ridiculously puffy sleeves <3

20140710_181410And these ladies look like they come straight out of a Gail Carriger novel! Isn’t one of the ladies even holding a parasol? All those ribbons and ruffles on the dresses make me smile!

Easter mail and stamps


Hallvi_picture117I have been a bit absent from letter writing and blogging lately. Mostly because I work full time. But maybe the fact that I have taken up the mmorpg The Secret World again has something to do with it too. (Time flies by so quickly when you kick monster ass.)

from AnnyI have however received some lovely mail lately that I’d like to show you guys. This was a super nice surprise from my dear friend Anny here in Sweden. We used to study art history together before I moved here. She sent me a belated birthday envelope full with stamps! :O :D And cute envelopes! And a beautiful card. Thank you so much, this was awesome!

from DeniseMy dear friend Denise in the US sent me a package too! I forgot to show the items off in the photo, but she sent me starbursts (yum!), an amazing letter opener (works like magic!) and glitter tape <3 Thank you dear friend!

from julieJulie from the US sent me this absolutely gorgeous envelope with an absolutely fantastic letter! (As always! I don’t know how she does it!) Even my boyfriend had to comment on this envelope’s prettiness ;D

from mopI and Thomas got a easter package each from my dear parents, full with candy! :D The yellow blobs are chickens.. xD I also got stamps in my package! They know I can never have too many of those <3

from Rossi usAnd lastly I received this beautiful envelope full with paper goodies from a nice Swap-Bot member who wanted to do a private swap with me :)