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Summer holidays


So all my classes are finished, I got a good overall grade for the semester, and I have no job to spend my days on. How to entertain myself during these 10 weeks of total freedom?

hurtsFirst of all we had the whole moving two blocks to a better apartment project. We are almost all packed up now, and we even got room for some new furniture. This wonderful little drawer thing from IKEA for example! I store my paper scraps, stamps, stickers and tapes in it (and other stuff :). Love it!

I also try to catch up on my mail. It is a slow progress, but I’m getting there. Even though I am behind on my mail I still get some loveliness in my mailbox:

20130710_13374320130710_133752The two postcards I got in a swap with Linda. Steam Age and Orient Express. They’re awesome!

joanaA thick beautiful envelope from Joana in Portugal. Nothing is better than a long letter to read on a rainy summer day :)

rutorI also keep myself busy crocheting granny squares for a quilt or two. I just can’t stay away from those brightly coloured yarns!

Hallvi_picture118And yeah, I play way too much The Secret World. I also recently installed The Sims 3 again, so I can escape the warm sunny weather all days with computer gaming if I feel like it (and I do).

a storm of swordsLast but not least I love summer holidays for the simple reason that I finally have time to read again! Yesterday I finished A Clash of Kings, and today I’m starting on this one.

In the midst of this productiveness I’m also planning a trip to visit my family and friends.
How do you guys plan to make the most of your summer holidays/leave?


Post-moving productivity



I have as you know been super busy with moving lately, but things are starting to coming together. We are now officially living in our new flat as it got an internet connection! Wohoo! I can now start slacking instead in front of the computer instead of unpacking boxes (yes, we still have a few left).

Yesterday I had a day off from the moving business, but still no internet connection, so it was the perfect time to start the process of catching up on my mail :)

DeniseOutgoing postcard picturing the city Lund.

HitomiHere is a letter to my new penpal Hitomi in Japan.

Katrin 3This is a short letter for my dear penpal Katrin in Germany. I used a mini-letter set for this, so I hope the small envelope doesn’t get lost in the mail. I know there are rules about the size of envelopes in the us postal system, but I haven’t heard of any rules like that in Sweden so I take my chances.

to Denise 3A letter to my dearest Denise in the US.

To EricaOutgoing letter that I sent a few days ago to Erica in Finland.

To FlickYesterday I decorated some paper to write a letter on to Flick in Australia. I had a bunch of used stamps in a drawer, so why not use them?

To Flick 2And here is the final result. The envelope is made from a page from an art book about the Swedish artist Anders Zorn.

to LindaI am also swapping two postcards with Linda on instagram. I want them to be a surprise, so I’m just showing you the stamps I used. These are actually my favourite modern Swedish stamps at the moment.  You know I love buildings, and who doesn’t love sweets?

VanessaA letter to Vanessa in Germany. The envelope is made from a page from a children’s book.

from deniiseLast picture: a lovely incoming letter from Denise in the US :)

Castles and Dragons


Hello folks! I am still pretty busy moving. Right now I am waiting for IKEA to deliver our new couch to our apartment, so before working up a rage over building ikea furniture I thought I’d dhow you some mail I have gotten the last days.

ConnieA letter from Connie in the US! And I got this right in the middle of moving furniture, so it provided a nice break!

EricaA letter from Erica in Finland. Just look at the cute paper and that fun semi transparent envelope! :D

HitomiThis is a letter from my new penpal Hitomi in Japan. I love her neat handwriting!

JenniferA letter from Jennifer in Germany. Tor-Ulf loves his new dragon friend :)

MeredithAnd this is a postcard I got from Meredith in the US. Thank you so much for picking me out of all the LEP members who wanted post cards from you! :D If I was rich everything I built would look like a castle :)

I will probably, maybe, perhaps be done with this moving thing by the beginning of next week, so then I hope to sit down and start replying to all the mail I have received lately. I am sorry that I keep all my penpals waiting, but fear not, I have not abandoned you!

Swedish Summer is Strawberries

Swedish Summer is Strawberries


This is the first piece of mail that arrived to my new mailbox! :D

We are in the middle of moving and live between piles of boxes at the moment. When it’s all unpacked and put in order this new apartment will be great! I love it here already, even though it’s a big mess.


I will be busy putting furniture together tomorrow, and I am visiting my dear cousin this weekend for some midsummer celebrations. We haven’t met in a year so I really look forward to it :)

I wish you all a wonderful midsummer and I’ll be back to my blog next week, hopefully with some pictures of outgoing mail!