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The art of wrecking


I got this most wonderful thing in the mail today from Cecilia, my bestest of friends! She told me she had sent me a letter, so I got surprise to find this little book of madness in my mailbox. I have already started to the process of total destruction, and even my boyfriend got jealous of this journal :D

(I have heard of Wreck This Journal before, but never actually seen it, and it’s more fun than I imagined! )


This is how I found it in my mailbox. I love that Cecilia followed the instructions and mailed it to her best friend, and I love that the string didn’t come off in the mail. Yes, I only have love for all of this.


wreckThe postal system had already begun the wrecking, which was the point.

scratchI had to play with this right away! Scratching is fun, and it gave me some inspiration for mail art. Destruction as a creative inspiration is a great concept.

4lettersSome colourful Swedish words for you :)


Thank you a lot Cecilia! I hope we can compare wrecked journals next time we meet since you told me that you have one too :D

*off to do some more wrecking of journal*