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Dinosaur Delivery


I haven’t had the time to write much lately due to the end-of-semester-stress, but I have received some lovely mail that I’d like to show you guys:

from DeniseThis awesome envelope is from my dear friend Denise in Canada. Just look at those Dinosaur stamps! <3

from Annie IrelandI also received a letter and some super nice Irish postcards from Annie in Ireland! Makes me wish I had the money to plan a trip to the green island.

from Anny SabineAnny in Sweden sent me this awesome card of a cathedral she visited in Iran! It’s gorgeous! She knows I have a thing for churches :D Big thank you!



Polka dots


to denise 2This was an envelope experiment I sent to Denise in Canada. I bought a pack of cute plastic candy bags in the sole purpose of sending mail in them, and Denise was my first victim :) If you also want to see the other side of the bag you can check it out here.

to deniseHere is another letter I have sent to Denise. This stamp series depicts art in Swedish churches through 1000 years, which I of course like since I’m a fan of church buildings!

20141030_183457Last but not least, a letter to my friend Katrin in Germany. It’s all red and polka dotty on the outside, but all dark and Halloweeny on the inside. I hope she enjoys :)


The real red velvet


20140913_175239Here are some stationery that my dear friend Julie in Canada has made! I bought the owl and wine stationery, and the housewife stationery I won in a giveaway! :D (She’s having a giveaway everyday in September, so if you haven’t already you should definitely head over to her blog and check it out! :)

20140913_175721Two fantastic postcards! Just the kind of postcards I love to receive :D A big thank you to Nicolle in the US for the card from the National  Museum of History in Washington, and to Kim in the UK for the card with the church called “The Stump”! xD

20140913_175821This gorgeous notecard and other beautiful goodies are from Becka in the US. I just love this bear!

20140913_175940Denise Deniiise in Canada sent me a letter! As always it’s awesome. Just look at all these amazing stamps <3

20140913_180222Talking of amazing stamps, here are more! I made a little stamp swap with a Instagram user, and I got this very pretty little piece of mail <3




to CeciliaThis is an envelope that I sent to my best friend Cecilia here in Sweden. The picture of Notre Dame is from a 100+ years old guide book of Paris that I ruthlessly shred to pieces for mailart.

mopI also sent some mail to my parents. I used my new purple ribbon for my typewriter for this letter, and I love it :)

to BjörnAnd this is a piece of mail for my younger brother. Don’t forget to send some mail happiness to friends and family some time too. Even if they’re not into penpalling I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

LEP postcardsAnd lastly: a whole bunch of postcards going out, mostly to my friends over at LEP.