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Blue envelopes


Barbara tysklandHere is a letter that I received from my penpal Barbara in Germany :)

Bonnie CanadaBonnie in Canada sent me this envelope full of nice things from Vancouver. She was my ‘My City Swap’ partner in LEP, and I had a great time reading about her home city! :D

Charlotte UKCharlotte in the UK sent me this lovely postcard of Chester Cathedral <3

from TakaAnd this letter is from my friend Taka in Japan.

cicci1234My real life best friend Cecilia has taken up the habit to write me letters! And she always posts them in these homemade envelopes out of blue paper, so whenever I see a blue envelope in my mail box I know it’s a happy day! :D



So I got home from my first day at the excavation in Copenhagen today, to find my mailbox full of lovely mail!

Mina, JapanFirst a postcrossing postcard from Japan, picturing a beautiful castle! It’s the Matsumoto Castle to be precise :)

Victor RussiaThen another postrossing card, this time the Assumption Cathedral in the city of Tobolsk in Russia! Me like :)

Polina, KyivAnd. This. A gorgeous jellyfish postcard that I received from Polina in Ukraine! We decided to do a private postcard swap on Instagram :) I will frame this little piece of prettyness.

swapbot tea 7I also received two tea swaps from swap-bot swaps. This handmade envelope is so gorgeous that I just have to show it to you guys! It’s from Debbie in the US.

frimärkenAnd last but definitely not least: vintage stamps that I bought at a Swedish auction site! (Much like ebay but without the paypal option. -__-) They are sooo pretty! And many! <3 I got these for about 15 usd less than their face value, and they’re in great condition! Can’t wait to use them on my letters :D  If you are my penpal and like any of them, just let me know and I’ll use them for my next letter to you.


St. Albans


I know I have been posting a lot here the last few days, but I am a bit behind on blogging about all the things I send and the awesome things I receive, and I want to share all the mail prettiness with you guys! Here are some incoming mail, not related to my birthday, that I have received lately:

from AnnAnn in the US sent me a sunny envelope with a letter and a postcard. Thank you! :)

from Kathrin B i GermanyThis cute snailmail is from Kathrin in Germany!

from swapbot CanadaThese stickers arrived in my mailbox after I joined a sticker swap on swap-bot :)

postcrossingAnd this pretty cathedral is from a postcrossing member. I love when postcrossing bring me churches! :D


Stained glass and owls


Good day good folks!

I have a few mail pieces (and other stuff) to show you from the last few days, and if you scroll through the whole blog post I will also show you a Swedish mail delivery bike. How exciting isn’t that? ;)


fieldnotesYesterday I got this wonderful mail piece from Nadine in Germany! I had been drooling over field notes because of a conversation about them in the LEP facebook group, and the fellow LEP memberer Nadine was super über kind and sent me one! And look at that extraordinary cool postcard! :D Love it! Thank you so much Nadine!

field notesbakochframAnd this is what I did to that notebook. I spent the whole evening carefully covering the whole thing with washi tape and stickers, and writing down my penpals addresses in there. I really needed an address book, so here it is! I will also try to write down blogs and birthdays and other important stuff that I am just horrible at memorizing.

20130503_110429Yesterday I also got a letter from Tanya in the US. Thank you, your letters are always so fun and colourful! I’m working on those friendship books right now ;)
And as you can see I also got two beautiful postcard from my secret admirer. I especially love the one with the stained glass (and yes, that’s what it is!). I have actually been in this church, and that makes this postcard extra special! It’s from the Bern Cathedral. I remember that it has a .g.o.r.g.e.u.o.s. marble Pieta that made a huge impression on me.

20130503_151122Today I found this lovely something in my mailbox. It took me a while to notice that it had a Swedish stamp, but once I saw this detail I also recognized the handwriting. It’s from one of my childhood friends (we’re still friends but she lives sooo far away). It was a very nostalgic and precious set of letter paper in this package, and it really put a fat smile on my face! We need to catch up soon again Anna!


That’s the photos I have of incoming mail. I am pretty sure I should have more because I have had a great mail week, but I apparently haven’t been that busy with the camera. Up next are a few pictures of outgoing mail:

bekkaA something to Bekka in Italy.

birthdaymailA birthday card for my cousin Lill.

deniseA little something for Denise.

julieA letter for Julie in Canada.

almantèAnd here’s a letter to Almantè in Lithuania.


Okay, so I confess I’ve been online shopping again:

hootStickers for example! Here are some new additions to my collection. Looking at The owls and the T-rex results in me making my “Sofie sees cute stuff-face”.

holderAnd I also got this vintage letter holder from etsy. It’s such a clever design, and I just love it! I’m using it for the letters that I haven’t replied to yet, so they are no longer scattered all over my desk.


Except for cool mail I also have a cool life going on (though my definition of “cool” in this context might vary slightly from yours). As some of you probably know I study historical archaeology, and these coming weeks until the summer holidays we are working in groups to research old buildings in our city. My group is researching this wonderfully cute little wooden church from the 17th century:


And now when you’ve made it through my photos and rambling I will give you the promised bike ;)