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Mail from Hampi


from AnnaI got an awesome surprise in my mailbox last week! A dear childhood friend who sent me a letter and postcards from her vacation in India! :D I love to hear about people’s impressions from their travels, and I didn’t expect a letter from her so I was swooned.

from Sarah canadaI also received this amazing piece of mail art from a swap-bot swapper :D She has clearly read my profile to tick the dragon and castle boxes! And the envelope is shimmery :3

to denise 2I sent some mail myself. This is to dearest Denise in the US :)

to MoPAnd I also sent a letter to my parents telling them about the excavation I am working on in Copenhagen. It still feels weird to use only one stamp. Doesn’t it look awkward?!



Super Swede


from DeniseThis fabulous envelope is from Denise in the US! Doesn’t it just put a smile on your face? :D

from KatrinAnd dearest Katrin in Germany sent me this piece of mailart. I know she peeks on my blog now and then: Thank you Katrin, this was so sweet of you! <3 (Still loving the castle stamp! ;)


I have been pretty busy with my excavation and other studies lately, but I have sent some mail. Mostly postcards:

Julie, IG swap, thank you Mel

To Denise2



So I got home from my first day at the excavation in Copenhagen today, to find my mailbox full of lovely mail!

Mina, JapanFirst a postcrossing postcard from Japan, picturing a beautiful castle! It’s the Matsumoto Castle to be precise :)

Victor RussiaThen another postrossing card, this time the Assumption Cathedral in the city of Tobolsk in Russia! Me like :)

Polina, KyivAnd. This. A gorgeous jellyfish postcard that I received from Polina in Ukraine! We decided to do a private postcard swap on Instagram :) I will frame this little piece of prettyness.

swapbot tea 7I also received two tea swaps from swap-bot swaps. This handmade envelope is so gorgeous that I just have to show it to you guys! It’s from Debbie in the US.

frimärkenAnd last but definitely not least: vintage stamps that I bought at a Swedish auction site! (Much like ebay but without the paypal option. -__-) They are sooo pretty! And many! <3 I got these for about 15 usd less than their face value, and they’re in great condition! Can’t wait to use them on my letters :D  If you are my penpal and like any of them, just let me know and I’ll use them for my next letter to you.


Castle and Stamps


Time for an update on my incoming mail! :)

from KatrinA letter from my dear friend Katrin in Germany! I love the cute rubber stamp she’s used :)

fromdeniseThis thing of loveliness is from my dear Denise! She sent me a castle in a wonderful envelope <3

fromMarieHere is a letter from my penpal Mary in Romania. She sent me a traditional Romanian luck charm with her letter! I have never seen one of these before, but she wrote down how to use it, so 2014 will definitely be a lucky year for me! ;D

paketThis is a fun package with tea and paper goodies that Hilde in Belgium sent me in LEP‘s hot beverage swap. Thank you so much! I loved the teas, especially the one called Paradise Dream :3 

postcard1This awesome postage covered card is from Laima in the US. Just look at all this vintage stamp goodness! Both sides of the card are covered! Insane! <3

psotcardsMore postcards! :D The one with the books is from Ashley in the US, where she writes about her 5 favourite books she read 2013. I need to check them out!
And the one with all the pretty vintage stamps is from Jennifer in the US :)  Thank you ladies!