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The Magic Mystery Package


1packageunopenedYesterday I got a notification slip in my mailbox telling me that I had a package to pick up! :O Cluelessly I skipped to the post office, and got this! A big green package from my best friend Cecilia!

2packageI opened it and found that it was full of amazing gifts! She’s recently been to the US and had bought me lots and lots of things. Any normal person would have had herself in mind on such a shopping spree. And all the things she had bought me are so very much ME! She knows me too well :D (best friends since preschool <3)

3glowinginthedarkDinosaurs! That glow in the dark!! That I can paint!!! *-* So _awesome_!

4magicAnd look at thisssssss! IT’S MAGIC! Because it’s a dinosaur egg that hatches! *-* Seriously, not many people out there would think of giving me such a great thing of amazingness!
(Must confess that I’m not sure if I want to use it though, ’cause you know.. Once it’s hatched it’s hatched… )

4thomasThis magnet is actually for my boyfriend Thomas (but since we share fridge I’ll be enjoying it too ;). He calls me Godzilla Girlfriend, so his official name is henceforth Thomas the T.rex. Of course.

6bigfootBigfoot luggage tag! O__O I didn’t even know I needed this. But oh I do.

7bok mugg pollyAnd she sent me all I need for a nice quiet evening at home; Polly (one of the yummiest kinds of candies ever), a Jesus mug (<3) for my tea, and Swedish novel about a child being abducted by: *drum roll* TROLLS!

8making witchcraft look innocentLuckily she also sent me this DVD to keep my mind off magic and other evils. In case you didn’t know what happens if you enjoy too much fantasy literature:

9deal with(Might be a little too late for me though…)

10paperAnd it’s not over yet! Nope. She also sent me loads of pretty paper crafting materials! Like these beautiful scrapbooking paper pads <3

11stickersAnd these adorable stickers! (Those robots!)

12washisAnd 8, EIGHT rolls of washi tape O__O
She must really, really love me!

I don’t even know how to properly thank her for all these wonderful, pretty and fun goodies! Maybe I should make a lot of mail art and send her thank you notes every day for weeks to come <3





So yesterday the new semester started, and I think it will be an intense but exciting one. It’s time for me to write my bachelor’s thesis on historical archaeology, and we’ll also actually be digging. I have dreamed about this very moment since I was 7-ish years old. If I die during the process of writing my thesis I can die happy knowing I followed my childhood dream :) Kind of cheesy and kind of true.


The bad news is that I have still not managed to kick my writer’s block’s ass, so I don’t have much incoming or outgoing mail to show you guys. (I hope I’ll be out of this writing slump when the thesis writing begins! O__O) But I did send a postcard to Denise, which should reach her soon I hope. I love the pig stamp :)

KarinThis is an envelope containing two granny squares that will be sent off to Karin, my boyfriend’s sister. The granny squares will be added to a big blanket made of lots and lots of squares crocheted by a group of persons from different places in Sweden. Most of us have never met in person, but we have a facebook group dedicated to sharing of crocheting patterns, blanket planning and general wooing over the prettty granny squares we all make ;) When the blanket is finished it will be donated for a good cause. It’s such a great project! We’re currently on our third blanket, and it’s really fun to see the end result!

readingThis what I am currently reading.
Since I’ve finished A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin and I’m still waiting for the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series (also known as Game of Thrones) I had to find something else to read in between books. I was brave enough to try another fantasy book. I don’t like to read another book in the same genre as the book I just finished and loved, because it usually turns out to be a disappointment since my mind is still stuck in the world of the last book. Does this make any sense? Anyway, this is a totally different kind of fantasy and style, so it was not a problem this time. Rivers of London is an urban fantasy crime fiction. It has ghosts and nymphs and magic. Yes magic. I do love magic. And the author has that dry sarcasm in his voice that I just can’t resist. I’d recommend you to give this book a try if you’re looking for a humorous modern day fantasy about crime solving in London. It’s not a heavy read, so you can easily plough through in a couple of days if you don’t have a very busy life. I’ll probably have to read more from this author because I’m really enjoying this book!

Summer holidays


So all my classes are finished, I got a good overall grade for the semester, and I have no job to spend my days on. How to entertain myself during these 10 weeks of total freedom?

hurtsFirst of all we had the whole moving two blocks to a better apartment project. We are almost all packed up now, and we even got room for some new furniture. This wonderful little drawer thing from IKEA for example! I store my paper scraps, stamps, stickers and tapes in it (and other stuff :). Love it!

I also try to catch up on my mail. It is a slow progress, but I’m getting there. Even though I am behind on my mail I still get some loveliness in my mailbox:

20130710_13374320130710_133752The two postcards I got in a swap with Linda. Steam Age and Orient Express. They’re awesome!

joanaA thick beautiful envelope from Joana in Portugal. Nothing is better than a long letter to read on a rainy summer day :)

rutorI also keep myself busy crocheting granny squares for a quilt or two. I just can’t stay away from those brightly coloured yarns!

Hallvi_picture118And yeah, I play way too much The Secret World. I also recently installed The Sims 3 again, so I can escape the warm sunny weather all days with computer gaming if I feel like it (and I do).

a storm of swordsLast but not least I love summer holidays for the simple reason that I finally have time to read again! Yesterday I finished A Clash of Kings, and today I’m starting on this one.

In the midst of this productiveness I’m also planning a trip to visit my family and friends.
How do you guys plan to make the most of your summer holidays/leave?

The art of wrecking


I got this most wonderful thing in the mail today from Cecilia, my bestest of friends! She told me she had sent me a letter, so I got surprise to find this little book of madness in my mailbox. I have already started to the process of total destruction, and even my boyfriend got jealous of this journal :D

(I have heard of Wreck This Journal before, but never actually seen it, and it’s more fun than I imagined! )


This is how I found it in my mailbox. I love that Cecilia followed the instructions and mailed it to her best friend, and I love that the string didn’t come off in the mail. Yes, I only have love for all of this.


wreckThe postal system had already begun the wrecking, which was the point.

scratchI had to play with this right away! Scratching is fun, and it gave me some inspiration for mail art. Destruction as a creative inspiration is a great concept.

4lettersSome colourful Swedish words for you :)


Thank you a lot Cecilia! I hope we can compare wrecked journals next time we meet since you told me that you have one too :D

*off to do some more wrecking of journal*