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Tor-Ulf and the Tsintaosaurus


Some of my readers have asked me about Tor-Ulf. It’s been a while since he last made an appearance on my blog. He’s been living on a strict cupcakes only-diet, and it has had it consequences: torulf

He asked me if I think he looks fat.
I said yes.
He left.

I think he will be back sooner or later, but if you see a colorful lump flying over your house, leave me a message ;)

I’m actually looking forward to meet him again as I have some news for him. I bought this awesome book, and I found what can only be Tor-Ulf’s forefather!

TsintaosaurusIsn’t he a cute oddball? :D



Penguins and ink


Yesterday I found myself strolling around in a store with stationery in my hands, and before I could stop myself I had already paid for it! >__> Luckily it was not very expensive stuff, so I can now make envelopes out of metallic paper without a troubled conscience :DtigerCards, stickers and two kinds of pretty papers! The store I bought them in is called Tiger, and I don’t know if that’s a Swedish thing or if you can find it all over the globe, but they have some pretty fun and cheap stuff. It’s a dangerous place, be warned! I found a rubber formed as a rhino :O It’s awesome!  But since I rarely use pencils I couldn’t make up an excuse to buy it…

inkI also found a store that actually sells ink for fountain pens! A real store! With a door and windows and stuff! So I bought this gorgeous purple ink :)

kori och ericaAnd then I came home to mail! It was such a great day :D These pretty letters are form Erica in Finland (the orange one), and Korina in the US (the envelope in the front). Thank you ladies, I had some wonderful reading. I will reply as soon as possible!

torulfLastly I and Tor-Ulf would like to wish you all a very Happy Halloween!
(I told him that he looks ridiculous in that ghost outfit, but he thinks it’s the perfect disguise for him going trick or treating unnoticed… >__<)

Secret Mission


Incoming letter from Katrin in Germany. I love the Tea time stamp!


Super cute letter from Erica in Finland! This explosion of colours put a smile on my face.

till Katrin

My reply to Katrin’s letter. Yes, I was quick with this one! :) How do you like the ice hockey stamp? I am personally no big fan >__> Maybe because I am not into hockey. I think the cookie stamp is way prettier! (And yes, I am a big fan of cookies.)

till denise

Outgoing glassine letter to Denise.


Tor-Ulf is a little sad that no one seems to have missed him during the several weeks he was gone on a secret mission. But now he’s back and says hi to you all!

No mail today


So I was happily dancing to the mailbox today, the fever gone and the sun shining, just to discover that I got no nice little surprise waiting for me there.
But wait! What is that? A fat envelope for… my boyfriend… -_-  Okay, there really is no mail for me today.

Instead of showing you today’s nonexisting received mail I thought I’d show you my lovely neighbourhood and and where my mailbox lives. Super interesting, isn’t it? :D


The view from just outside our front door. The mint green green house on the right side in the picture is the same house we live in. It’s built in a horse shoe shape around a small yard  in which our mailbox used to stand. They have now given us a new mailbox in a small mail prison. By the way, don’t you just love the colour of our house? (I might have used the sarcastic voice in my head when I wrote that last sentence.)


My mailbox lives in the middle one of the three sheds on the right side. The other two sheds are for storing bikes, like if a door with a lock would stop any bicycle thief…


Post room. If you don’t find this depressive I don’t know what to think of you.


One of these faaaabulous boxes is mine (and my boyfriend’s). Please notice the blue plastic container full of unloved flyers and other stuff people generally don’t want in their mailbox. Also consider the amount of love they spent on painting the walls.

So that’s where my mail is delivered. I used to have a real box that could hold larger packages, and it was just outside my window so I could see/hear when the mailman came. That was nice. I miss it. But our landlords thought there was a risk of mail getting stolen, so they locked it up in this little nice room a block away instead.

Yesterday night Tor-Ulf agreed to deliver a letter for me in the near future. I don’t know yet to who, but here he is, ready to serve: