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Mammoths and gel pens


Yesterday I went to the post office to pick up a package and send off some letters. The lady behind the counter was super sweet and complimented my envelopes :D
I noticed that they had a new design of stamps, so I had to buy them. One of the stamps has a baby dinosaur on it! :O <3

frimärkenHere they are! The theme is “objects in Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet” (National Natural History Museum).

sarasa clipAnd this is what was in my package! New gel pens :D Sarasa Clip 0.5. I have never used these pens before, but someone recommended them on Instagram, and I thought they looked really pretty, so of course I had to buy them. Also, my favourite colours of the gel pens I have at home have ran out, so I needed a refill. I love them and can’t wait to write letters with them. The colours are great, and they write very smoothly.

Christmas mail


from yoshiYoshi in Austria sent me Christmas mail, full of fun and cute things :D  Thank you so much dear friend <3

from JoanaJoana in Portugal sent me a very pretty envelope full Christmas and a lovely letter. I just love the bottom right postcard xD “Where my Ho’s at?”

from julieAnd here is a package full of pretty stationery! I ordered the right two of the sets at Penpal of The Week, and the left sent my sweet friends Julie and Denise sent as a Christmas gift <3 I love them all and will put them to good use! :D  Oh, and check out all the gorgeous stamp the ladies used!

Friend and friend


from deniseI have received a lot of mail from my dear Denise in Canada lately. Here is a very pretty envelope and card from her. Thank you <3

frojm deniseAnd this awesome washi creation is from her as well. I love how she used different colours for every letter in the address :)

stickersThen I might have ordered some cute stickers to use for my mail and journals :) I am in love with the penguins! I ordered them at one of my favorite etsy stores: kawaiistickers4you.


Little My


Just a few outgoing (I’ve sent more, but I decided to wait a few days before posting them here so I wont spoil the surprises :)

to CharlotteThis Pippi Longstocking postcard has gone to Charlotte in the UK.

to Doreen UKAnd I sent this Little My postcard to Doreen, also in the UK!

to DeniseAs usual I have sent something to my dear Denise in Canada. Purple isn’t her favourite colour, but I don’t care! ;)

SOFTWAnd this is something that fell into my mailbox! It’s one of my orders from Stationery of the Week over att Julie’s blog Penpal of the Week! My pile with Julie-designed papers is growing ridiculously big :D I’m in absolute love with the pin-up design on the right!