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Jellyfish mail


BarbaraThis letter has archaeology stamps! Yay :D It’s for my friend Barbara in Germany.

Julie McLThis is somewhat of an mail experiment for Julie M in the US. I hope it will reach her without problems.

Julie TPI have two penpals named Julie living in the US, and this is for the other Julie :) I hope she likes jellyfish as much as I do.

KatrinAnd lastly a letter for Katrin in Germany. There is a chance she will visit me this summer :O The hype is real!



ToshikoToshiko (2)These two envelopes have gone to Toshiko in Japan.

YukariHere’s another letter that’s headed to Japan, but this time to my penpal Yukari.

YoshiA long overdue letter to my friend Yoshi in Austria.

Three of these letters happened to end up with a magnolia stamp (the pink flower). The city I live in has quite a few¬†magnolia trees, and it’s beautiful when they bloom in spring. I’m looking forward to get this winter over with <3

Mushrooms and mail


CeciliaThis envelope had a piece of nonsense in it, and I sent it to my BFF Cecilia here in Sweden.

KatrinThis is a reply to one of the letters Katrin from Germany has sent me.

Naoko naoko2These two letters were for my friend Naoko in Japan.

I noticed as I uploaded these pictures that I have used the mushroom stamps for three of the envelopes. I really love these stamps that were released last autumn! I hope they will come up with something pretty again soon, because I think the last few stamp designs have been really boring. Just wanted to file that complaint in this not very official forum.

Long time no see!


So I have been very inactive lately. I blame adulthood. Going from being a student to work full time is a change I yet have to get used to. I have not been writing letters for months, and I apologize to all my penpals for this. I have tried to reply to some letters the last week, but progress is slow. Here are some of the letters I’ve sent out since the beginning of summer:

ceciliaThis was for my in IRL friend Cecilia in Sweden <3

JoanaThis is a letter I sent to my dear friend Joana in Portugal.

Julie McLA greeting card to my Julie in the US.

to deniseAnd this is one of my latest letters that went to dear Denise, now living in the US (previously Canada). I really like these new mushroom stamps!


Hopefully I’ll be able fill this blog with more mail soonish :) I hope you’re all enjoying the autumn season!