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Potholders in the mail


I have recently discovered the joy of crocheting potholders! I had some lovely thick cotton yarn that was perfect for this purpose, and I ended up with more potholders than I needed. What to do? Send them to family and friends! Everybody enjoys surprise mail, right?farmor och farfar till mormorThese two little packages went to my grandparents. The potholders are made in Tunisian crochet, a technique that I recently learned :) I only know a few basic stitches, but it’s all you need for potholders! I did of course have to order Tunisia crocheting hooks on ebay, and will later I’ll try to make a shawl for myself :) Ordinary crocheting hooks works for potholders though. (Unless you use those weird ones with plastic handle thingies…)

till mopHere is one that has traveled to my parents.

till ceciliaAnd the last one is for my friend Cecilia. It should have arrived today, but I know that she doesn’t check her mail regularly because of… reasons? So this post may be a spoiler.


Flamingo aims for world domination


to SarahThis little flamingo fellow is on a quest to reach Sarah in Canada.

till LindsayAnother bird is heading for Lindsay in Canada.

to saccoThis is a letter to my friend Sacco in Japan.

till anny1IMG_20150308_152536And these are mittens I have made and mailed to my dear friend Anny in Sweden.


Mittens, mittens, mittens


This Christmas I knitted mittens for my family and my best friend :) I found some awesome patterns over here! If you are a knitter, please check it out.

20141207_132631These are for my dad, and I knitted a pair almost just like them to my mum. They are both Harley Davidson nerds, so I just had to knit these when I found the pattern in the shop mentioned above :D

kattvante copyMy best friend Cicci is one of those crazy cat lady types, so I thought these would suit her perfectly. I personally love the orange and white combo :)

20141129_151925My little brother got pretty simple green and white mittens. I was inspired by this pattern (Swedish only), but made some modifications.

IMG_20150113_034704These adorable penguin mittens will be my own! I also found this pattern at the shop mention at the top of the blog post. I just had to have them! Soon done! :)

I hope everyone stays warm in the winter cold!


Winter time


20141116_031925It’s almost winter here in southern Sweden! Well, at least the meteorological summer ended a couple of weeks ago… I have  knitted myself a pair of mittens to be prepared for cold morning walks to campus. The pattern I was inspired by can be found here (Swedish only). I really enjoy this yarn. It’s Swedish and is called Big Trend by Marks & Kattens (#404).

20141121_173903I have also received some winter themed mail! This Christmas tree envelope is from dear Erica in Finland :) Love the priority sticker!

20141121_175405And Georgette in the US. She sent me a Mothman pendant and some Yeti stationery along with a lovely letter! :O <3

Stay warm and enjoy the winter season!