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Penpal of the Week gives away awesome stuff!


PPOTW-PrizeExplosionSo I am sure all my snailmailing readers are familiar with the awesome snailmailing blog Penpal of the Week? This blog and me has a history. A long, long time ago I posted a penpal ad on this blog, and I still get intro letters from people who found my ad there! Many of my oldest and most loyal penpals found me through this place. After some time of friendly stalking on my part, the owner Julie and I started penpalling. She is one of my bestest snailmail friends now :) AND she also has this magical love story with one of my absolute best friends; Denise! So I feel very attached to this blog for many reasons, not only because of its pure awesomeness.

In case you have missed the latest news from PPOTW I will share it with you here and now: They are giving away free stuff! Yes you heard me: They have a stationery giveaway every day for all of September! So you should definitely check them out for a chance to win some pretty paper!

Yesterday they gave all their readers a printable stationery, and it is really pretty! It is autumn themed and and kind of makes me think of archaeology. (Which I will be doing more of from next Monday on. I hope I’ll be allowed to show you some photos from the upcoming dig :)

Okay, the of shameless promoting of my friends’ giveaway streak has now come to an end. Next time I will show you some incoming and/or outgoing mail!