“Who are you and what is this place?”


I am a nerdilicious archaeology student from Sweden, age 26, with a love for snailmailing.

This blog will be a place of snailmail pictures, archaeology, board gaming, knitting/crocheting and other things I find fun and interesting. And probably some random thoughts that have been whirling around in my head for a while and need to be ventilated; ¬†questions like if the unicorns disappeared because of the sexual revolution and why it really has to be a “Warning, may contain peanuts”-text on peanut butter?

Except for the things above I also love old stuff in general. Driving family and friends crazy by asking them to stop by every church we pass on road trips is one of my great joys in life – especially when I actually get them to stop for ten minutes so I can take a ridiculously large number of unprofessional cellphone photos of the building. Most historical landmarks or museums are targets for my devoted attention if I get the possibility to check them out!

I also care way too much about books, beautiful art, kawaii stationery and dragons. And vampires. Seriously, the love of my life is Lestat de Lioncourt!

So, yeah, that’s what this blog is about. Me and my escapist moments.