Monthly Archives: July 2015

Summer letters



So while most people in Sweden have their holiday during the summer, most archaeologists don’t. I’ve been working since mid June, and discovered what effect a grown-up life will have on my hobbies’ time budget :/ I have not written as much lately as I’d liked to, but here are some letters I have sent out:

to Arlene EnglandThis is a swap I did in LEP. We wrote 100 facts about ourselves and sent to our swap partner, which in my case was Arlene in the UK :)

to ericaThis is a letter for my dear friend Erica in Finland, long overdue.

to naokoThis is a summery envelope that I sent to my penpal Naoko in Japan.

to toshikoAnd this is for another friend of mine in Japan; Toshiko.

Hopefully I’ll be able to send more out before the summer is over, but be aware that my pace is slower now when I no longer am the master of my own time ;) Hopefully my penpals are play with waiting a bit for my letters.




denise 2 deniseHere are two letters going to Denise’s blog in Canada. I seem to have had a thing for semi transparent envelopes lately.

naokoThis is a little birthday package that I sent to Naoko in Japan.

sachikoA butterfly delivered letter to Saciko in Japan.

takaAnd lastly a letter for my friend Taka in Japan.