Dinosaur Delivery


I haven’t had the time to write much lately due to the end-of-semester-stress, but I have received some lovely mail that I’d like to show you guys:

from DeniseThis awesome envelope is from my dear friend Denise in Canada. Just look at those Dinosaur stamps! <3

from Annie IrelandI also received a letter and some super nice Irish postcards from Annie in Ireland! Makes me wish I had the money to plan a trip to the green island.

from Anny SabineAnny in Sweden sent me this awesome card of a cathedral she visited in Iran! It’s gorgeous! She knows I have a thing for churches :D Big thank you!



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    • Hi there! :D I am fine. Dealing with the last bits of this thesis process, which stresses me out, but in a couple of days I’ll be totally free and super lazy :) How are you? I saw your blog post about big changes, I hope it’s nothing too overwhelming!


      • Yeah thesis’s are evil sometimes! Good luck on the completion though :D Hmm, ‘overwhelming’ really isn’t the word :s More than that really ^^ In short, started my Msc, ended my seven year relationship, moved out, in fact moved to the other end of the country, quit my job, had to intermit on my degree for a year (going back in March ^^), the most epic of *love* stories and complete self discovery, hmm what else, oh and was disowned and ostracized from my family (such a blessing really ^^ I mean that). So, yes it has been a bit hectic haha.

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