Potholders in the mail


I have recently discovered the joy of crocheting potholders! I had some lovely thick cotton yarn that was perfect for this purpose, and I ended up with more potholders than I needed. What to do? Send them to family and friends! Everybody enjoys surprise mail, right?farmor och farfar till mormorThese two little packages went to my grandparents. The potholders are made in Tunisian crochet, a technique that I recently learned :) I only know a few basic stitches, but it’s all you need for potholders! I did of course have to order Tunisia crocheting hooks on ebay, and will later I’ll try to make a shawl for myself :) Ordinary crocheting hooks works for potholders though. (Unless you use those weird ones with plastic handle thingies…)

till mopHere is one that has traveled to my parents.

till ceciliaAnd the last one is for my friend Cecilia. It should have arrived today, but I know that she doesn’t check her mail regularly because of… reasons? So this post may be a spoiler.


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