Green hypnotic


to DeniseHere’s a hypnotic, green envelope for Denise in Canada. I had just bought a white marker pen and wanted to try it out. It almost gave me a headache to write on this crazy paper.

to KatrinHere’s a little piece of mail to my dear friend Katron in Germany :) I hope the address label doesn’t hide behind the stamps (it’s loose inside a transparent envelope). 

to kimberlyThis is a letter to Kimberly in the US. I hope she’ll like it :)

To SarahAnd this is for Sarah in Canada. I like how the stamps worked so well with the envelope :)



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  1. I love your Swedish stamps! I’m so jealous! It’s rare to find nice stamps over here. The Queen’s head is hardly exciting. :)

    • Are you kidding me?! I think UK have had lots and lots and lots of fun, pretty and interesting stamps! You’re on my favourite stamp-country list together with Finland and Japan! :D

        • Can’t you order them online from your postal service? That’s usually how I shop my stamps, and I would be surprised if the UK post doesn’t have an online shop too. ? The stores usually have a very limited assortment of stamp, so I try to avoid shopping there :)

          • Yes they can be ordered online but only the most current stamps on offer. Ebay is quite good for getting batches of older stamps actually.

  2. I see, it’s a little like that on Sweden’s postal service’s website too. They have a few older designs, but not that many. Ebay isn’t great for Swedish stamps unfortunately. To buy Swedish stamps from US ends up an expensive affair :(

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