Monthly Archives: April 2015

Summery mail


from ericaA lovely letter from Erica in Finland! I am always happy to receive her letters :)

from FridaAwesome mail from my awesome friend Frida in The Netherlands!

from joanaJoana in Portugal sent me this piece of mail for my birthday. I love it! Thank you! :)

Sarah BThis summery and super cute envelope is from Sarah in Canada. I am still in love with this stamp design!

Swedish delivery


to annieHere’s a little package to Annie in Ireland. I hope it gets to her mailbox safely!

to DeniseThis is a letter with fun news to Denise in Canada.

to naokoThis is going to Naoko in Japan.

to takaAnd this green envelope is for Taka in Japan.

Archaeology mail


from katrinThis awesome envelope is from my dear friend Katrin in Germany! Flowers and archaeology <3 So pretty!

from naokoThis stunning birthday card was sent with a letter from Naoko in Japan.

from SaccoAnd this green beauty is from Sacco in Japan. I love the stamps! 

from takaThis contain a super interesting letter from Taka in Japan :)


Edgy fox


to denise and julieA little Easter package that I sent to my friends Denise and Julie. Aren’t they a handsome couple? (referring to hen and fox. But it also applies to Julie and Denise!)

to Denise2This letter was for Denise only :) They can’t share everything!

till CathrinIn this little card that I sent to my sister-in-law and her husband to thank them for the awesome birthday present they sent to me!

to emmaThis went to Emma in the UK. I hope she is ok with pink and flowers and all things girly xD

to ericaAnd lastly a letter to my friend Erica in Finland.