Birthday mail


A week ago was a my birthday. I have now reached the respectable age of 27, and I still haven’t grown up. I received some lovely birthday mail that I want to share with you here:

from LindsayThis super cute card came with birthday greetings from Lindsay in Canada. Thank you! :D

from Denise2My dear friend Denise in Canada never fails to be amazing. She sent a box full of loveliness for my birthday! It made for an super great mail day :D And you know what? She spoiled me with like a 100000 Reese’s thingies. They’re so addictive! Thank you!!

från Katrin2Katrin in Germany sent me this beautiful package for my birthday. So pretty, thoughtful and nice! She knows exactly what kind of things I love :) Thank you dear friend <3


till BjörnMy little brother Björn’s birthday is not many days from mine, so of course I had to send him a little birthday gift as well. I hope he liked it :)


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  1. Hmm, I don’t think I ever realized that your name is Sofie with an F, I like it! It’s a very pretty name :) Looks like you were spoiled rotten for your birthday! Thats great! Happy belated!

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes! :) Indeed, I do spell with an F. Both spellings are common in Sweden, but I guess my parents preferred the slightly simpler version.

    • Thank you! I was spoiled rotten by my friends and boyfriend, so I had a very happy birthday :) And I agree, unique and fun packages! Unique mail is the best kind of mail :)

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