Swaps and letters


I’ve recently signed up for two swaps in League of Extraordinary Penpals. One swap was for stationery. The other swap was for a tour of your city with brochures, post cards and other stuff related to where you live. Exciting! :D I have sent them both out, and here they are:

till Bonnie CanadaHere is the “My City Swap” package to Bonnie in Canada. I hope she’ll enjoy her mini tour around my town :)

To Wendy IrelandThis is the stationery swap going to Wendy in Ireland. This package ended up looking slightly Christmasy, but I like sparkles and red, so I don’t care :D I hope she’ll find something in there she likes :)


to DeAnneI’ve also sent a couple of letters. This is to DeAnn, also a LEP-member, in the US.

to NaokoAnd this letter is for Naoko in Japan. I hope it finds her well :)


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    • The fox paper is a wrapping paper I couldn’t resist to buy. :) And the address label thingy is from a scrapbooking pad. Cut, glue, go! I like it too :)

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