Flamingo aims for world domination


to SarahThis little flamingo fellow is on a quest to reach Sarah in Canada.

till LindsayAnother bird is heading for Lindsay in Canada.

to saccoThis is a letter to my friend Sacco in Japan.

till anny1IMG_20150308_152536And these are mittens I have made and mailed to my dear friend Anny in Sweden.



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  1. All the mail is so cute! And I absolutely love those mittens. They look super complicated (but that’s just my beginner knitter coming out), and they certainly look like you put a lot of time and love into them.

    • Thank you! :) It took me a an hour or two of youtubing to learn how to knit in two colours, but after that the mittens weren’t that complicated to make. It’s more fun with more colours :) I have not yet understood how to use more than 2 colours though, so that’s the next challenge!

    • Thank you! :D I love knitting mittens. I could spend all my days knitting and watching TV >_>
      And the flamingo is secretly my favourite too, but don’t tell the other envelopes!

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