Monthly Archives: March 2015

Birthday mail


A week ago was a my birthday. I have now reached the respectable age of 27, and I still haven’t grown up. I received some lovely birthday mail that I want to share with you here:

from LindsayThis super cute card came with birthday greetings from Lindsay in Canada. Thank you! :D

from Denise2My dear friend Denise in Canada never fails to be amazing. She sent a box full of loveliness for my birthday! It made for an super great mail day :D And you know what? She spoiled me with like a 100000 Reese’s thingies. They’re so addictive! Thank you!!

från Katrin2Katrin in Germany sent me this beautiful package for my birthday. So pretty, thoughtful and nice! She knows exactly what kind of things I love :) Thank you dear friend <3


till BjörnMy little brother Björn’s birthday is not many days from mine, so of course I had to send him a little birthday gift as well. I hope he liked it :)


Swaps and letters


I’ve recently signed up for two swaps in League of Extraordinary Penpals. One swap was for stationery. The other swap was for a tour of your city with brochures, post cards and other stuff related to where you live. Exciting! :D I have sent them both out, and here they are:

till Bonnie CanadaHere is the “My City Swap” package to Bonnie in Canada. I hope she’ll enjoy her mini tour around my town :)

To Wendy IrelandThis is the stationery swap going to Wendy in Ireland. This package ended up looking slightly Christmasy, but I like sparkles and red, so I don’t care :D I hope she’ll find something in there she likes :)


to DeAnneI’ve also sent a couple of letters. This is to DeAnn, also a LEP-member, in the US.

to NaokoAnd this letter is for Naoko in Japan. I hope it finds her well :)

Cherry Blossom


from DeAnnThis gorgeous envelope is from DeAnn in the US! I really love it :D

from DeniseHere’s another awesome envelope! This is from my dear friend Denise in Canada.

from Naoko1Look at this super pretty pop-up card that Naoko in Japan sent with a letter! 

from SaccoAnd here is a beautiful cherry blossom envelope from Sacco in Japan :)


Flamingo aims for world domination


to SarahThis little flamingo fellow is on a quest to reach Sarah in Canada.

till LindsayAnother bird is heading for Lindsay in Canada.

to saccoThis is a letter to my friend Sacco in Japan.

till anny1IMG_20150308_152536And these are mittens I have made and mailed to my dear friend Anny in Sweden.