Chive-themed postcard


till mormorThis is a box of chocolate that I mailed to my grandmother for Valentine’s day. I think she was bit surprised by it :)

to denise2Here is a letter for my dear Denise in Canada. I recently bought a couple of scrapbooking paper pads against my better judgement, but I kind of love the papers I’ve decorated this envelope witt. Simple but pretty!

to frida netherlandsHere’s a happy 20’s actor delivering a piece of mail to Frida in The Netherlands.

to Jackie usA chive-themed postcard going to Jackie in the US.

to saccoLastly, a letter to my friend Sachiko in Japan :)



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  1. that’s such a beautiful assortment! i love the muted tones on the envelope you sent to canada, and the 1920s actress too! would you like to swap some occasional mail sometimes? xo

    • Thank you :) I found a batch of magazines from the 20’s at a flea market, and of course I butchered them.
      I’d love to do some mail exchange with you! I have had my eyes on your pretty mailart for some time on instagram :D

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