Monthly Archives: February 2015

Hummingbird delivery


to deniseFirst out is the mandatory letter to my friend Denise in Canada. I happen to love the papers used for this envelope. The stamp is also new for me, picturing a painting by Swedish prince and artist Eugen.

to georgetteHere’s a letter to Georgette in the US. Let’s hope she doesn’t find those rabbits as creepy as do!

to LEPers (saskia Crescent)I’ve also sent a couple of surprise postcards to fellow LEP-members. I hope they will reach them :)

to yoshiThis pink little number is for my dear friend Yoshi in Austria.

to yukariAnd this letter, delivered by balloon ship and hummingbirds is going to Yukari in Japan.


Chive-themed postcard


till mormorThis is a box of chocolate that I mailed to my grandmother for Valentine’s day. I think she was bit surprised by it :)

to denise2Here is a letter for my dear Denise in Canada. I recently bought a couple of scrapbooking paper pads against my better judgement, but I kind of love the papers I’ve decorated this envelope witt. Simple but pretty!

to frida netherlandsHere’s a happy 20’s actor delivering a piece of mail to Frida in The Netherlands.

to Jackie usA chive-themed postcard going to Jackie in the US.

to saccoLastly, a letter to my friend Sachiko in Japan :)


Lincoln Memorial


from georgetteGeorgette in the US sent me this super pretty envelope with a lovely letter :)

from deniseMy awesome friend Denise sent this cool mail! Love the washi art and the stamps!

from ericaThis hot envelope is from Erica in Finland. As usual, Finland offers the cutest stamps!

from jackieJackie in the US, a fellow LEP-member, sent me some happy surprise mail! :D Thank you!

from SaccoAnd this beautiful envelope is from Sacco in Japan.


I am slowly working through my reply pile, and will show an outgoing mail post shortly :)


By air mail


Quick outgoing post :)

to beckaA little letter going to Becka in the USA. 

to denise and julieA package of randomness to my friends Denise and Julie in Canada.

to joanaAnd this is for Joana in Portugal.

to naokoA letter to Naoko in Japan.