Mittens, mittens, mittens


This Christmas I knitted mittens for my family and my best friend :) I found some awesome patterns over here! If you are a knitter, please check it out.

20141207_132631These are for my dad, and I knitted a pair almost just like them to my mum. They are both Harley Davidson nerds, so I just had to knit these when I found the pattern in the shop mentioned above :D

kattvante copyMy best friend Cicci is one of those crazy cat lady types, so I thought these would suit her perfectly. I personally love the orange and white combo :)

20141129_151925My little brother got pretty simple green and white mittens. I was inspired by this pattern (Swedish only), but made some modifications.

IMG_20150113_034704These adorable penguin mittens will be my own! I also found this pattern at the shop mention at the top of the blog post. I just had to have them! Soon done! :)

I hope everyone stays warm in the winter cold!



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