Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everybody! I hope 2015 has been pleasant so far, and will be an awesome year!

I have been away for a couple of weeks during the holidays visiting friends and family, but now I’m back! Much mail has been sent and received, so look forward to a lot of mail goodness photos the coming week :) Let’s begin with some mail that I received during  my Christmas tour. (It was really nice to come home to a pile of pretty mail. Thank you everyone who contributed :)

celineThis is a cute fox postcard I received from my youngest cousin Celine :D It‘s one of those cool cards that change when you look at it in a different angle!

from athanasiaI actually received TWO of those cool cards this Christmas. This is from the lovely Athanasia in Greece. So pretty! And the stamps are really fun too! 

from katrinMy dear friend Katrin in Germany sent me some awesome stickers along with postcards and a letter. Thank you <3 Fairy tales and dinosaurs make life so much better!

from NaokoNaoko in japan sent me this beautiful holiday card and a super cute panda coaster that she has made! I love it!


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