Monthly Archives: January 2015

Yeti Sunday


I hope you’re having a great weekend everyone! I am in middle of catching up on my reply pile, and I thought I’d show you some mail I’ve sent:

to deniseThis cute yeti envelope that my friend Athanasia in greece designed, is going to Denise in Canda :)

to julieHere’s another letter going to the same address :) This is for my friend Julie. The envelope is made of old wall paper that my grandma found a roll of when cleaning out her house. It’s probably from the early 1900’s. Love it! (Hope Julie like it too)

to takaHere’s a little thank you card to Taka in Japan.

to SaccoAnd here is another letter to Japan, to my friend Sacco. Envelope made of tissue paper and scotch tape.

to sarahAnd last but not least a letter to Sarah, also in Canada :)

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle


from julie mclLook what a cute sea dragon Julie in the US sent me :D Thank you for surprise postcard!

from katrinAn awesome letter from my German friend Katrin :)

from SarahAnd this cute envelope id from Sarah in Canada!

from aikoA cute New Year’s card from Aiko in Japan :D ‘Gott nytt år’ means Happy new Year in Swedish :)

from takaBeautiful New Year’s card from Taka in Japan! I also love the stamp. As usual, Japan knows how to design pretty stamps.


Stamps, stamps, stamps


till deniseAn outgoing letter to my friend Denise in Canada. For once I used a white, simple envelope, which gave me room to use a little bunch of vintage stamps instead of only two modern ones. My favourite one is probably the one with the woodpecker :)

to takaThis letter is going to Taka in Japan. Unfortunately the last letter I sent him never arrived :O :( So I am crossing my fingers that this one does! I don’t often have problems with letters not being delivered, but it’s bound to happen sometime, is it not?

to KatrinI sent my dear friend Katrin in Germany a little Christmas gift, and here’s the package. Again: room for (and need for) lots of stamps! :D Modern stamps this time, but the more the merrier!

to YukariAnd this is a little candy swap and a letter that went to my friend Yukari in Japan. More stamps! And cute pandas :D


Chinese zodiac


from SaccoThis adorable New Year’s card is from Sacco in Japan. It’s the Chinese zodiac. Isn’t it just lovely?

from nicolleNicolle in the US also sent me some very beautiful holiday mail. Love all the colours and stamps! Thank you!

from naoko2This letter is from Naoko in japan. Such a cute air mail stamp!

yukariAnd Yukari in Japan sent me sweets and stationery! It was so fun to try these! :D I’ve sent her some Swedish sweets in return. let’s see if she likes them :)