Wintery postbox


from deniseA letter from my dear Denise in Canada. It has a hen! Let’s call it a chicken. I got a chicken in the mail!

from KatyThis beautiful postbox Christmas card is from Katy in the UK. Thank you! :D

från KatrinA Christmas coloured letter from my friend Katrin in Germany. The snowman stamp is so cute! 

Katrin, Sacco, DeniseI also received a few postcards. The top one from Québec is from Denise, The beautiful kimono on the right is from Sacco in Japan, and the bottom one is from Katrin in Germany. Thank you ladies!



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  1. Those postcards are stunning, especially the postbox. I’ve always wondered, how do you remember what you write in each of your letters? I only have one pen pal yet I can never remember what I’ve said to her!

    • Haha, I probably repeat myself a lot in my letters. I don’t keep any kind of log about what I write about to who. I do only log which dates I send and receive letters to/from penpals, which is good to check when something big happened a month ago that I want to tell them about, but don’t remember if I sent a letter with the news already or not. (If I sent my last letter after the big event-date, then I probably told them already).
      I just write about whatever I feel like at the moment, and it wouldn’t surprise me if a few penpals have heard the same stories twice.

      • Aww that’s good to know, I was starting to think that maybe I was the only one who repeated myself in my letters. It’s good to know I’m not alone. I keep a note of the dates of when I send my letters/postcards too but nothing really substantial happens in my life so I just talk about anything I can think of! Naturally once the letter has been sent I remember more things I could have said lol

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