It will fit you


to denise till denise 2Two letters I sent to my dearest Denise, probably full of random ramblings.

to georgetteThis little mailart experiment is for Georgette in the US. Tape and paper scraps made this lovely envelope. I hope it reaches her safely!

till ericaAnd this is for my friend Erica in Finland :) Tissue paper courtesy of Twilfit, a Swedish underwear shop. I have problems with throwing away paper…



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  1. Whoa, I love that mailart experiment. How exactly did you do that? And how did you get the tissue paper to stick to that other envelope… glue or modgepodge?

    • Thank you! It was really fun to make :)

      I spread out loose paper and twine scraps on a parchment cookie sheet. Then I taped with wide scotch tape all over it. The tape doesn’t stick to the parchment, so you can easily flip it upside down with the sticky side up, and then tape all over that side too. Then I trimmed the tape sheet and folded into an envelope :)

      For the tissue paper I use any kind of runny glue. I am not familiar with modgepodge, but if it’s runny and stuff sticks to it it could probably work too.

      • Modge Podge is amazing and is used for so many things I can’t even explain it right now, but from what you’re saying it would work.
        I really like the idea of that scrap paper envelop– I always have scraps of paper and end up throwing them away, but making them into something sounds like a wonderful idea. Was it hard folding it into an envelope? I would think that tape doesn’t crease too well.

        • Yes, I have lots and lots of scraps too, but unlike you I am unable to throw things away >_>

          Well, there’s no problem folding the tape, but it wont be as sharp folds as with paper. I have never felt the need for my mail to be tidy and neat, so I don’t see this as problem. The thicker the paper (or twine, or whatever you put in there) is, the harder it is to fold obviously. You can always experiment and see what you end up with :)

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