Outgoing birthday mail (and more)


till DeniseMy friend Denise in Canada turned a year older soon a month ago, and I sent her a little birthday package :) Among other things she got a proper cheese slicer! (Cheese slicing is a serious business you know.)

till jenniferJennifer in the US also had a birthday coming up, so I sent her a little birthday greeting. I hope it got there in time for celebrations :)

to denise and JulieOther things to celebrate are weddings! My boyfriend and I put together some little wedding mail to Denise and Julieto wish them happy ever after :)

till KatrinI have also sent some everyday letters (if there is such a thing) to a couple of penpals. This is for my dear friend Katrin in Germany.

to julieAnd this is for another dear friend: Julie in the US. I tried to write the address with a flex dip-pen nib, but calligraphy isn’t really a skill that I possess. Hopefully she gives me A for effort ;)



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  1. So many stamps on that package! It’s awesome. And all of your envelopes are adorable…. I like the style you have going on.

  2. Lovely, always so much fun when there are plenty of stamps on a letter/parcel!

    That giant 12kr stamp is fantastic looking – I’ve never seen a Swedish stamp that size before! (and actually Swedish person here, represent)

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