Monthly Archives: December 2014

Christmas mail


from yoshiYoshi in Austria sent me Christmas mail, full of fun and cute things :D  Thank you so much dear friend <3

from JoanaJoana in Portugal sent me a very pretty envelope full Christmas and a lovely letter. I just love the bottom right postcard xD “Where my Ho’s at?”

from julieAnd here is a package full of pretty stationery! I ordered the right two of the sets at Penpal of The Week, and the left sent my sweet friends Julie and Denise sent as a Christmas gift <3 I love them all and will put them to good use! :D  Oh, and check out all the gorgeous stamp the ladies used!

Wintery postbox


from deniseA letter from my dear Denise in Canada. It has a hen! Let’s call it a chicken. I got a chicken in the mail!

from KatyThis beautiful postbox Christmas card is from Katy in the UK. Thank you! :D

från KatrinA Christmas coloured letter from my friend Katrin in Germany. The snowman stamp is so cute! 

Katrin, Sacco, DeniseI also received a few postcards. The top one from Québec is from Denise, The beautiful kimono on the right is from Sacco in Japan, and the bottom one is from Katrin in Germany. Thank you ladies!


It will fit you


to denise till denise 2Two letters I sent to my dearest Denise, probably full of random ramblings.

to georgetteThis little mailart experiment is for Georgette in the US. Tape and paper scraps made this lovely envelope. I hope it reaches her safely!

till ericaAnd this is for my friend Erica in Finland :) Tissue paper courtesy of Twilfit, a Swedish underwear shop. I have problems with throwing away paper…


3 intro letters


till denise 3A green kawaii letter going to Denise in Canada.

till NaokoI have sent three intro letters to Japan this week. I hope they get to their destinations safely! :) This one is for my new friend Naoko.

till YukariAnd this is for Yukari in japan. 

to takaAnd last but not least a letter to Taka in Japan.