Crocheting projects


Lately I have been doing a lot of crocheting. It’s very relaxing, and you can watch TV at the same time ;)


20141019_033740This is yet another triangular shawl that I have made for myself. This one is gray and black. If you’re interested in the pattern you can find it here. I really enjoy this pattern and can highly recommend it :) It’s the same that I used for a shawl to my friend Anny.

20141101_143550Then I am working on this little thing. It’s, as you can see, a granny square blanket! I have had a huge pile of over 100 granny squares lying in my bookshelf for quite some time now, and I finally decided to put them together. Now I only have some fastening of lose ends left to do :)

20141101_150509I also have this blanket going on! I am in love with it, but it’s really slow work. With some luck it will be finished during the winter 2015 (or at least that’s my plan ;).


I have also order pink, white and blue yarn for two cat plushes. I found this super nice charity project where they urge you to crochet a “Heart Cat” (Hjärtekatt) and send it to them. They will then distribute these cats among children who undergo heart surgery, as a friend during the hospital stay and memory of the surgery. If you want to read more about this you can find there website here (Swedish only)!  I’ll post my Heart Cats on my blog when they are finished :)



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