Adorable edibles


från aikoLook at this cute package I got from my dear friend Aiko in Japan! My boyfriend and I had a lot of fun looking at these adorable edibles :D This package came as a big piece of surprise mail for me, and it contained a letter and some really fun and cute stationery! Aiko is such a sweet and generous friend! <3 I also love the food themed stamps!

from DeniseI also got a super pretty letter from Denise in Canada! She wrote it in a rainbow of colours, and it put a smile on my face :) Yet another wonderful person I am happy to have gotten to know through letter correspondence.

from JulieDid you know I’m also penpals with Denise’s wife to be? I actually wrote with Julie in Canada first :) This package contained not only the most gorgeous stationery I bought from her blog, but also letter! :D And again: a lot of gorgeous stamps here!

from YoshiMy friend Yoshi in Austria sent me an adorable and chatty letter, delivered by sheep to my mailbox :) I will reply asap!

från katrinAnd lastly a postcard all the way from United Arabic Emirates!! :O It’s from my dear friend Katrin in Germany who is out on adventures. I will question her further about this in my next letter ;)



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