Halloween celebrations


Halloween isn’t a huge thing in Sweden since we have our own holiday at this date with the tradition to light candles and visit the graves of deceased relatives. Among young people Halloween is a bit of a thing though, and there are certainly a lot of dress-up parties going on during this weekend. I and my boyfriend did have our own mini-Halloween November the first :)

20141101_173937I carved my first ever pumpkin! I learned two things:

1. This is super fun!
2. More proper tools than what can be found in my apartment are needed for good result

20141101_174139This is what it looks like in the dark, and I am pretty happy with it :)

20141101_174636So I placed it outside our door. I hope no drunktard steals it from us xD

20141101_191025My boyfriend also made some preparations for a Thanksgiving dinner we have been invited to. He pickled pumpkin! It is super yummy :3

20141101_200123For dinner we had halloumi + pumpkin burgers, roasted pumpkin seeds for snacks, and we watched epic horror movies such as Strippers vs Werewolves.


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    • Thank you! :D He is slowly dying drying up and dying right now though :P

      I think I need to invest in a carving kit for next Halloween, because it was really fun!

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