Stegosaurus stamp


from Katrin & CherylAs promised, here is a blogpost about my recent mail activity :) These postcards are both very pretty. One is from my German penpal Katrin (the Monaco card) and the other from Cheryl in Canada.

from EricaErica in Finland sent me a letter, and she used a translucent envelope just because I love them! :D And have a look at the cool stamp! Go Finland!

from JoanaMy friend Joana in Portugal sent me a lovely letter, delivered by a cute dinosaur! And this skeleton stamp is pure awesomeness! Thank you <3

from JulieJulie in the US sent me one of her amazing letters, together with a CDV <3, and two stunning postcards. I need this girl to arrange my road trip through the US! (My very hypothetical road trip through the US…) And she used so many fantastic stamps! Just look at the Stegosaurus!! !! ! Dinosaur stamp! (I’m way too excited here).

Apparently Stegosaurus is the Colorado state dinosaur. I had no idea there were state dinosaurs, so I had to wikipedia it. Colorado was the first state to get a state dinosaur, and only 7 states have their own dinosaur so far. (Come on US! You should all have one!)

Stegosaurus is my boyfriend’s favourite dinosaur, and dimorphodon is mine. My besserwisser friend Rebecka told me that dimorphodon isn’t really a dinosaur, but a pterosaur, but I don’t care.
Sofie – ignoring science since 1988.


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