Uppåkra 2014, part 3


The excavation I’ve been part of in Uppåkra, Sweden, is now finished. We are currently writing the report and preparing to present our results to the rest of the class of archaeology students tomorrow. So we’re still busy bees even though the digging itself has ended.

So what did we find the last week? Well, nothing much in our half of the trench. Except for another oven! This is the third iron age oven so far in our trench. Third.

20140923_153808Here it is! I know it doesn’t look like much, but there, but I promise you that it’s very visible in the ground ;) The holes are stake holes. The stakes were probably used as the core of the oven dome, and were covered with clay.

20140922_144354We had a couple of really cold, windy days last week, and after the warm summer weather we had before it felt extra miserable. Here we have a group of archaeology students huddling together in a corner of our trench. :)

20140924_085313And here we are. Or, most of us. Circling the trench to get a better overview of what’s going on. In the half of the trench furthest away from the camera we have two iron age ovens, and the one we found last week is on this side of those ovens. “Our” oven is partly under the other ovens, meaning it’s the oldest one we’ve found in this trench so far. Since we didn’t have the time to excavate this trench fully we don’t know for sure how many ovens have been placed on this spot.

10716075_680750885336109_2073890728_nThe last day of the excavation our field leaders brought us cake! Yay! 4 cakes! It was well needed after all our hard work. :3

10711415_680750922002772_1678503839_nAnd here is my friend Toke, cutting the cake with a trowel. (A trowel used for excavating of course…)

To see the earlier blog posts about this excavation, click here and here! Next week it’s time for building archaeology and new adventures!
(Thanks to my friend Rebecka for the two cake photos :)

Next time I blog I promise I’ll show off some incoming and/or outgoing mail. I’m a bit behind mailwise because of my studies, but I’ll get back to my dear penpals eventually.


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  1. Lovely (ovens and cake). And an experimental archaeology suggestion for you – reconstruct a similar oven, then bake cake!

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