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Polka dots


to denise 2This was an envelope experiment I sent to Denise in Canada. I bought a pack of cute plastic candy bags in the sole purpose of sending mail in them, and Denise was my first victim :) If you also want to see the other side of the bag you can check it out here.

to deniseHere is another letter I have sent to Denise. This stamp series depicts art in Swedish churches through 1000 years, which I of course like since I’m a fan of church buildings!

20141030_183457Last but not least, a letter to my friend Katrin in Germany. It’s all red and polka dotty on the outside, but all dark and Halloweeny on the inside. I hope she enjoys :)


Help build Stonehenge


I have slow with writing lately, but I have received some beautiful envelopes with letters that I’d like to show you:

from DeniseThis is from my friend Denise in Canada. A happy turtle delivered an envelope full of gorgeous stamps! I’m especially in love with the maps and the locomotive <3

from KatrinKatrin in Germany sent me this pretty envelope with more beautiful stamps! Katrin’s letters always make me super happy :)

from katyAnd here is an envelope that unfortunately was opened when I received it, but I don’t think anything had fallen out of it. This is from Katy in the UK. She did not just write me a very interesting letter, but also spoiled me with a Stonehenge Transfer Pack! It’s awesome! xD
“Create your own Neolithic building scene. Travel back in time to the Neolithic period and help build Stonehenge.”


Chair stamp


I have finally have time + energy to write a couple of letters! :D This semester has been really busy so far, and it seems like it’s going to continue that way. Please allow me some time to get back to you.

to BeckaThis is a little letter going out to Becka in the US. The stamp is the latest design of Swedish postage for international mail. I don’t know if I like the chair theme or not, but I will try them out and investigate my emotional spectrum as I do so. ;)

to EricaHere’s some mail to Erica in Finland! I butchered a 1800’s guide book for Paris to decorate envelopes with. There are some stunning illustrations in it :D (Sofie the Book Butcher.)

to denise4to denise1When I don’t have much time to reply to letters, but want to send something random and quick, Denise in Canada is my go-to penpal. Here are two envelopes that have gone her way lately :)

Penguin mail


to Katrin
Although I have been very busy lately with my studies, I have managed to send some mail out. Here is a postcard I covered in penguins and sent to my dear friend Katrin in Germany.

to denise2This is for Denise in Canada. The stars were supposed to glow in the dark, but I don’t think they did much when I tried them. Maybe they’ll charge with magical glow energy on their way across the Atlantic :)

to KaraAnd this is a letter on its way to Kara in the UK.