The real red velvet


20140913_175239Here are some stationery that my dear friend Julie in Canada has made! I bought the owl and wine stationery, and the housewife stationery I won in a giveaway! :D (She’s having a giveaway everyday in September, so if you haven’t already you should definitely head over to her blog and check it out! :)

20140913_175721Two fantastic postcards! Just the kind of postcards I love to receive :D A big thank you to Nicolle in the US for the card from the National  Museum of History in Washington, and to Kim in the UK for the card with the church called “The Stump”! xD

20140913_175821This gorgeous notecard and other beautiful goodies are from Becka in the US. I just love this bear!

20140913_175940Denise Deniiise in Canada sent me a letter! As always it’s awesome. Just look at all these amazing stamps <3

20140913_180222Talking of amazing stamps, here are more! I made a little stamp swap with a Instagram user, and I got this very pretty little piece of mail <3



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