Uppåkra 2014, part 1



This week I have been excavating with my fellow classmates as a part of my Master’s. You might remember that I posted picture from this very same place last year. We’re back in the same location, same field, and in one case even the same trench as last year! We are excavating the outer part of an important iron age community in a village named Uppåkra. If you know Swedish and want to read more about this place you can do so here.

Last year we found a possible road, and also a low temperature oven. Since we didn’t have the time to finish the excavation of said oven, we have opened up that trench again to continue the work with the oven. It’s highly probably that there are even more ovens underneath this one because they rebuilt them on the same place, so it will be interesting to see if we can get to those.

Without further introduction I here give you some photos from our current excavation:

20140908_132019_50Same field as last year. This time around it is less muddy since the farmer hasn’t ploughed it yet, which is very nice :)

20140908_140737_50Here we are, both Bachelor students and Master students, opening up one big trench over where the low temperature oven is. We made the trench bigger this year to see what we can find around the structure.

20140912_151651_50And this is how it looked later in the week when we’ve gotten down to cultural layers. The orange area to the right is the oven. Here my classmates are measuring and drawing the stones we can see so far.

20140910_141717_50Here are the remains of the oven, the main focus of this year’s excavation. If you would like to see how it looked when we dug it last year you can find a picture in this blogpost.

20140911_095014_50This week we have had quite mixed weather. Some days were super sunny, and I even got a painful sunburn. Other times it was pouring down rain. We had a very pretty rainbow one day this week :)

20140912_144005_50Last year we didn’t do any water sieving of the soil we dug up, but this year we do. Here is my friend Chelsea sieving a bucket of soil for the small finds that you easily could miss if you just use your spade and trowel.

20140909_153232_50When it comes to finds I haven’t had much yet. I have spent a lot of time this week learning about using a total station (a device we use to measure and document the position of features, finds, trenches and what not more), so I haven’t actually dug much myself yet. I did however find this little metal piece. My field leader suggests it might be a pin from a fibula.

20140912_150047_50While sieving I also found this adorable little bone. My osteology friends tell me it’s a phalanx (finger or toe bone) from an animal in size of a cat.


Hopefully I’ll have more things to show you next weekend when we have gotten further down into the cultural layers. We will be digging for three weeks, and I plan to make one excavation blog post per week. I hope you enjoy :)


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