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Uppåkra 2014, part 2


So another week of excavating has passed, and it feels like we’re still pretty much in the same place as a week ago. (If you want to check out last week’s blog post about this excavation, click here.) We are just now getting down to (hopefully) untouched cultural layers in our end of the big trench. We have three trenches open, and my trench, the big one, is over an iron age oven. The other two were opened to check out anomalies in the ground penetrating radar results. My colleagues seem to have found some structures/contexts this week, but as far as I know we’re still not sure what they could have been.

20140919_140948Here is one of the other trenches, and my friend Rebecka is wielding the magic staff of measuring (aka total station prism). She is measuring the coordinates of the different things that have been found so that we can have a very nice computer made map of the archaeology in the end.

20140919_135628Here is another trench (still not the one I’ve been working in). My fellow diggers are cleaning the trench from lose soil for a photo shoot. We don’t want any messy footprints in the trench, hence the silly belly position.

20140915_144654And this is my trench! But the other end of it, where another group are excavating the destruction layers from the iron age oven. The stone area you can see in this photo is what is left of the top of the oven. Its floor is to the right of them.

20140916_115730This little thing of beauty is something I found this week. It’s a rim piece of a pottery vessel.

20140918_142456And not fa from the piece mentioned above I found this in the ground: more pottery! I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but it looks like horse-shoe shaped blackness in the ground. We hope that it isn’t random trampled pieces, but a vessel or two in situ. We still haven’t excavated these yet, so I will give you an update on this next weekend! It would be really cool to find a pot where someone once left it, and not just trash that has been moved around a lot since it was gotten rid of.

20140915_151907A typical find for this place: a tooth, probably from sheep or goat. (I’m not an osteologist, so don’t bet your life on this.) We find a lot of animal bones on this site, and they’ve been plowed around on the fields for centuries, so most of them are just small random pieces.


Here’s another example of an animal bone I found. It looks like an ear, don’t you think?! I love it! :D I had to ask an osteology student what it is, and he said that it looks like it’s from a heel from a cow or horse.

Tomorrow’s another day in the field, and I fear our great summer weather will turn to rain. This will be our last week of excavation, so let’s hope we get a grip on what’s been going on on this site before next Friday :)

The real red velvet


20140913_175239Here are some stationery that my dear friend Julie in Canada has made! I bought the owl and wine stationery, and the housewife stationery I won in a giveaway! :D (She’s having a giveaway everyday in September, so if you haven’t already you should definitely head over to her blog and check it out! :)

20140913_175721Two fantastic postcards! Just the kind of postcards I love to receive :D A big thank you to Nicolle in the US for the card from the National  Museum of History in Washington, and to Kim in the UK for the card with the church called “The Stump”! xD

20140913_175821This gorgeous notecard and other beautiful goodies are from Becka in the US. I just love this bear!

20140913_175940Denise Deniiise in Canada sent me a letter! As always it’s awesome. Just look at all these amazing stamps <3

20140913_180222Talking of amazing stamps, here are more! I made a little stamp swap with a Instagram user, and I got this very pretty little piece of mail <3


The birdhouse



I have received some incoming mail lately that I want to show you as soon as possible, but tonight I only have time for one picture. I received an envelope from Sweden in my mailbox today. I did not recognize the handwriting, and there was no return address, so I was properly mystified. I opened the envelope and found this! A painting of a birdhouse with my little brother Björn’s signature on it! xD Apparently he and a friend of his had made this painting while drunk, and he decided to send it to me. Isn’t that adorable? <3 I don’t think I’ve ever received mail from my brother before, so I will treasure this little piece of drunkness art!

Afghan update


20140914_122856Do you remember how I started a zig zag afghan a while ago? This is how far I’ve come now. I have completed one round of purple-green-purple (makes sense, yes?). It’s now 49 cm long, so I have made about 1/4 of the blanket now! Wohoo! This is going to take a while, especially when now when I have studies to attend to during my days. Maybe it will be done winter 2015 with some luck :)