V is for Vallmo


to BeckaThis is a little package with stationery I sent to Becka in the US, a member of LEP. It’s always better to give away than to throw away :) I hope she’ll enjoy it and give it a new loving home.

to Chen (Taiwan) and DeniseI’ve also sent a couple of postcards. The one that says “Fest!” (means Party! in Swedish) is for a stamp swap with an InstaGram user. The one in front says Vallmo, which is the Swedish word for poppy. I’ve sent it to a very dear friend to show off Sweden’s new stamp design :)

to denise2A very orange letter for a very good friend (she gave me a golden star in penpalling yesterday!); Denise in Canada! I love this l’Opera illustration that I took from a butchered 19th century guide of Paris :)

to Sara JeanAnd last but not least, a little birthday hello to Sara Jean in the US! I have no idea if she got it yet, but I’ve waited long enough to justify me blogging it!
When I bought stamps for this:
Me: “I’d like a 30kr stamp please.”
Postal lady: “Hmm, we don’t have those. Is 20+10 ok?”
Me: “*sigh* Yeah, that’s alright I guess.”
Postal lady gives me 20+5+5.
So that’s why the stamps are
1. fishing themed >_>
2. covering the whole thing D:



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