Trio and berries



It is tintype time! I have acquired two more to my slowly growing tintype collection, and I really really like these! Let’s have a look:

tintype2How adorable is this trio of well dressed ladies? What do you think, friends or sisters? My guess is sisters. They are so pretty! And the dresses! *sigh of dreaminess*

tintyp1Here is the second tintype I have added to the collection lately. I think this woman is absolutely beautiful. And her earrings look like they could have been rocked in the 80’s as well!

If you want to see my other tintypes you can find them here and here.


new stampsOn a completely different note I’d like to show off the newest stamp design in Sweden. I really like these stamps! Colourful and fun! (Colourfun. Can we agree on that word? Yes I think we can, these stamps are colourfun!)
These are for national mail, but I can use them for international letters as well (just use 2 instead of 1). The latest international stamp design involves chairs. Mhm. I haven’t bought any of those yet, but I look forward to try how they work with my mailart.


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