Zig Zag Afghan


Lately I have been spending a lot of my time crocheting, and I thought I’d show you what I’m working on. I had the crazy notion that I wanted to make an afghan, but wasn’t in the mood for granny squares. I Have over a hundred of them already, waiting to be joined together. This does not seem to happen for some reason. Instead I wanted to try to crochet an afghan from top to bottom in one piece, and I decided to make it in a zig zag, or ripple pattern. For those of you who are not familiar with this pattern you can check it out here for example. It is super easy, but is very visually striking, so I like it. Plus, a simple pattern means I can watch TV while crocheting without trouble :)

filt1This is 5-6 rows of purple. I chose a rather thin 1 ply wool yarn for this project, which means a row consists of lots and lots stitches. I made a bunch of ripples until I estimated it was good for the width of a blanket.

filt2Then I added bright green yarn as well. Purple and green – a very happy combination in my opinion! :) When I had come about this far I measured the width of the blanket and it turned out it’s 170+ wide. Oops, 150 had been enough, but now I know two people can easily snug under it.

filt 3As you can see I decided not to make the ripples be in the same size, but increase and decrease the number of rows in the different colours. (Sorry for this crappy photo, sometimes I crochet in the middle of the night when the light isn’t the best.)

filt 4And here I am now! I have crocheted about 20 cm, and I think I’ll make the afghan somewhere around 200 cm long. I wouldn’t want any feet to stick out from it during chilly winter days ;) Here you can more easily see how I increase and decrease the rows of the different colours. I started with 10 rows of purple followed by 2 rows of green, and at the top it’s 2 rows of purple followed by 10 rows of green. Now I’m going to reverse it again. Makes sense? No? I’ll post another picture when I’m at 10 rows of purple again, but that will probably be in a couple of weeks…

Anyone else crocheting an afghan at the moment? Or some other fun project? :)


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