to CeciliaThis is an envelope that I sent to my best friend Cecilia here in Sweden. The picture of Notre Dame is from a 100+ years old guide book of Paris that I ruthlessly shred to pieces for mailart.

mopI also sent some mail to my parents. I used my new purple ribbon for my typewriter for this letter, and I love it :)

to BjörnAnd this is a piece of mail for my younger brother. Don’t forget to send some mail happiness to friends and family some time too. Even if they’re not into penpalling I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

LEP postcardsAnd lastly: a whole bunch of postcards going out, mostly to my friends over at LEP.



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    • I don’t send postcards as often as letters, but sometimes it’s fun to write some short hellos :) How did you store your collection? I have received some great ones, and am pondering this problem- To have them in a pile in a box doesn’t seem fair to the ones that I really enjoy looking at.

      • I just store them in boxes now. My traveling days are over, so I have not been collecting them recently. I used to make a Bulletin Board display or stick them to my office door for a few days after a trip.

        I used to have my students “sent me a postcard” on Spring Break as an extra credit project, then I would make a display of them. I would tell them: think about this class over break, and write down one observation, then send me a postcard of where you went for break.

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