The copper inflation



20140725_170952nyHello friends! I am currently in the Swedish region Hälsingland where my family lives and where I grew up. This beautiful little church is standing in our home village, and it’s from the 12th century.

20140726_124621nyDuring my stay here I have visited a few flea markets.  There’s a lot of them around here during the summer, and it’s so fun to browse old stuff! This is the biggest one in Hälsingland, according to the interwebs.

20140726_142122nyHere’s another flea market. It had a room full of copper! All the places we visited were full of copper pans and pots and what not. I guess copper’s not hip enough to get a loving home. I think they’re pretty though!

20140726_180248nyI have bought two things during my flea market adventures in Hälsingland, both of them snail mail related! Here’s a little letter holder. I have no idea how old it is, but I like the steampuunkesque style of it. And my letter holder at home is always full so I could use an addition!

20140726_180410nyAnd then we have this little thing of beauty!  I just couldn’t resist it! It’s so small and cute and the keys are the most gorgeous dark burgundy red. It seems to be in a good condition. I’ll try to give it a clean up and hope it’ll work smoothly! I have ordered some ink ribbons for it already: black and purple! :D


I have also written and sent some mail during my stay here, but I’ll post pictures of that next week. I hope you guys are having a great weekend!



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