Mothman festival


from Anny SabineAnny Sabine here in Sweden has sent me a very pretty postcard of a wooden chapel by The High Coast. A lovely surprise that really makes me long home to northern Sweden.

from Charlotte F ukHa! as you can see on my desk this card is placed on I do know how to stick tape ;) This is another postcard from Charlotte in the UK, sent in the LEP postcard swap. It’s really fun to get to know a person via postcards!

from Georgette G usaGeorgette in the US sent me this awesome circus themed letter, and included a leaflet from last year’s Mothman festival in Point Pleasant!! Mothman is one of my favourite cryptids :D If you don’t know what this Mothman deal is about, you can always wikipedia it. Thank you so much Georgette, this is a wonderful piece of mail!

from Nicolle M K usaNicolle in the US sent me a beautiful lighthouse card and a letter as a response to the Random Object-swap we did in LEP. And look, the stamp matches the card! And I love these bird stamps, which she most likely knew when she picked it :) Thank you Nicolle!

from Sarah B canadaThis gorgeous peacock card and envelope is from Sarah in Canada. And she sent cute motivating sticky notes too! <3 I will definitely use them in my journal :) Thank you dear, I will reply asap!



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