Kawaii haul!


When I got my pay I treated myself to some kawaii goods :) And in this process I found a new etsy shop that might become one of my favourites!

from ErikoHere’s the package I got from the new etsy shop that I found, called SweetSuppliesStore. The service was excellent, and I got my order after only 4 workdays even though it’s sent from Japan! (Take that, incredibly slow American postal line!) SweetSuppliesStore has a lot of cute kawaii goods and washi tapes, and Eriko who runs it is very nice. I can really recommend this store if you:
1. like washi tape
2. like kawaii stationery
3. like birds, especially budgies :D

from Eriko 2This is the little pile of cuteness that I ordered from SweetSuppliesStore :) She also included some extra mini notes and sticker flakes. I look forward to use all this in my letters!

from mikiThen I made a little purchase at an old favourite kawaii shop of mine: KawaiiShopJapan. Yet again, nice seller, excellent service, and fast shipping! This is the package I got :)

from Miki 2And here is all the kawaii stationery goodness I bought from KawaiiShopJapan, plus a pile of extra mini notes she sent me. And seriously Japan, it’s not okay to make a cake out of a sheep like that! O__O

washisHere  are samples of the washi tapes I bought from the two shops. Aren’t they cute? :D I’m in love with the pandas with ribbons and the cute cats!


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    • Yes I agree! I couldn’t resist them :)

      And by the way Aiko, it’s such a coincidence that you comment here today. I sent you a VERY LATE (I am so so sorry!) birthday package today! :) Please let me know when you receive it. I’m always worried packages might get lost.

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